Mad Mapper, Post Budapest

The presentation of Mad Mapper has generated some buzz. On the CDM website an article about Syphon included a brief mention of the Mad Mapper.

Within our own internal realm 1024 is already using the Mad Mapper for one of their projects with the French Masters Series, in conjunction with their own Tetra.Tennis application.

Mad Mapper fun
For my own ends, I found it inspiring to just play around with Mad Mapper without even connecting a projector. Its kind of like a poor mans 3D stage visualization tool, but a lot simpler, allowing me to visualize ideas without an existing space.

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3 Responses to Mad Mapper, Post Budapest

  1. Toby Russell says:

    Would like to buy mad mapper… Where???

    • says:

      As noted in all the articles related to the MadMapper on our blog, the application is currently under development. Currently there is no release date.

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