Exclusive teaser: ‘Pieces’ by Romain Tardy (Anti VJ)

Mr. Tardy remains one of the few artist working in this medium that almost always leaves me breathless when he designs an installation for a performance. I could surmise that the reason for this is because he always starts with an underlying concept that dictates the form and the resulting projection material, creating a truly unified experience. But I could also come to the conclusion that he just has that special touch that is distinctly Romain Tardy and that the former formula only works magic when he utilizes it.

Due to his using MadMapper on this project he was kind enough to let me be the first to post it this video.

This project is the result of a “new collaboration with my friend Squeaky Lobster. Pieces is a work in progress made of 5 steps, and the structure will change for each new step, but will be built with the same square modules. Each step will be shown only a couple of times to keep this idea of a “versatile” project (sounds a bit strange in french – as it may sound in english as well – but I like the idea of an “unstable” shape/structure).”

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2 Responses to Exclusive teaser: ‘Pieces’ by Romain Tardy (Anti VJ)

  1. Romain, always such a pleasure to see your work, from the small stuff to the big productions.

  2. Optika says:

    Totally agree, He has the formula to make light work in a magical way.

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