Up Above in Down Under

Since her involvement with the Space Invader project, Laura Ramirez continues to explore new ideas in connection with video projection enhanced art. In the video above she demonstrates the mapping process using what looks to me like an Archigram inspired landscape as part of a proposal for a mural by Jessica Angel.

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4 Responses to Up Above in Down Under

  1. Andrew says:

    uff what a layout, simply genious !

  2. Optika says:

    Archigram is an amazing reference đŸ™‚

  3. Gabbo says:


    With Mad Mapper we have gone from period of achieving the actual mapping with precision and adding content to create coherent works (technical to the content), to a period of exploring simultaneously spaces/dimensions with content (content to poetics).

    Before one used to ask oneself if it is achievable to map certain surface or structure, now, with MM we are asking ourselves what we want to create/imagine-express. Possibilities are endless.

    Felicidades Laura y equipo….desde Honduras!


  4. Optika says:

    Thanks Gabbo đŸ™‚ What you say is true , possibilities are endless !

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