MAD_Orb, a MadMapper-driven stage installation.
1024 Architecture and GarageCube team are back from New York, where we realised the MAD_Orb installation, on Pier 84 for the Thump opening party, a new magazine by the creators of VICE.
The Orb consists of a faceted scaffolding sphere equipped with 192 White LED tubes (designed by GarageCube and ShowJockey in china), controlled by MadMapper using the MAD_Light feature.
The tubes are positioned in 3d space, which gave us a challenging time to unwarp in 2d video space.
More photos and details about the software setup on 1024 architecture blog

The video report is still in the making,
but here are some photos of the whole process:

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  1. lotech says:

    It would be awesome to see it actually moving. Looks great.

  2. wow, can’t wait for the video report!

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