Jem the Misfit uses MM unconventionally

New Zealand born and now Berlin resident Jem the Misfit fully entered my field of vision during a Scope Session this past winter. I was impressed by her thinking process and approach to visuals, particularly in how she addressed her clip library as a sort of color palate, the results of which produced a painting, that being the final output. This sensibility allows her to create immersive experiences with video even within the confines of traditional screens.

From this point of view she has applied this sensibility in a rather unconventional use of MadMapper, using it to create shapes that are part of the composition of the screen as opposed to creating graphics that match physical objects. Such is the case in her recent AV performance work “mystery is what holds us together.

This work has been performed this year at LPM in Rome and a similar one at this years edition of the Mapping Festival with more opportunities coming in the future to evolve the project further.

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  1. Jem the Misfit is no.1!!

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