madmapper 1.6 beta released

today we’re happy to release MadMapper version 1.6 beta 1.

What’s new in this version:

– built in Midi/DMX/Keyboard inputs, assignable to any MadMapper parameters.
This was a long-awaited feature, requested by many users.
It includes support for 14-bit midi, with feedback.
We also added the ability to filter incoming values. With this system, it is very easy to assign shortcut keys to dynamically fade in / fade out surfaces’ opacity.
We designed a special control window to handle all shortcuts/affectations at once. You can even access some parameters not directly present in the interface, such as a surface’ X/Y position.

– new DMX/Lighting system, which includes:
– Artnet Unicast support, fully remappable, per-IP options
– new DMX panel in the UI
– redesigned fixture editor, fully customisable
– manual channels re-ordering
– custom DMX channels in any order
– expressions in DMX channels ( now you can type channel_1 = R + G/2 for instance)
– user defined DMX sliders
– built-in DMX monitor

– surfaces selections optimizations
– selection booleans (Shift to add to selection, Alt to remove)
– numerous bugfixes and optimizations

Please do not use this beta in production.
Report us whatever bugs you find, we’ll make the next release better.

Download as usual from

GarageCube and 1024 Architecture teams.

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7 Responses to madmapper 1.6 beta released

  1. juanjo says:

    madmmapper crashes when while triying dmx monitor.

    Great, whith key/midi/dmx map!

  2. Brian Chasalow says:

    does this have matrox triplehead2go fixes?

  3. rick says:

    can you use virtual Dj with MadMapper

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  5. Pablo R says:

    Hello, Do you have a list for USB to DMX interfaces compatibles with madligth?, There is only one with ENTTEC or exist more possibilities? Thanks!

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