5/9-10 Workshop by Blanca Regina


Narative Stracture 13 – Intensive Workshop Video Mapping

Email to info@mademotion.net (limited to 5 students Plazas)
Place: Mademotion C/ Doctor Fourquet, 3. 1ºB, 28012 Madrid.
Price: 100€

The course will be focused on video mapping technique and the concept of projection beyond the screen.

• We developed the imaging technique and its application in installations and performances.

• We teach how to project simultaneously on different surfaces with different motives and moving images as well as the production of content and its practical application.

• We investigated the projected not only as art but as an art form and language image.

We approach:
Image: Analog and digital (created with video / photo / real-time / code)

Projection techniques, real-time and facilities.
Space: analysis of the form / s and creating a blueprint.
Application: Scenic / installation / interactive.
More info goes to http://mademotion.net/?p=956

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#11 Jacques-André DuPont

“I simply love Madmapper because it is handy and so precise.” by Jacques-André Dupon


MadMapper: Tell us about yourself?
Jacques-André Dupont: I’m Jacques-André Dupont, a French-Colombian AV artist, and performer based in Berlin.
I studied media and masters in film post production. After a short experience in the cinema special effects industry in Paris, I decided to develop my activity around motion design and video production for greater creative freedom. After two hard working years in Paris, my new life in Berlin was a bowl of fresh air. I took the time to develop my artistic work and played live visuals in different techno clubs and festivals. I was interested in the interaction between light and matter, how to bring my creations outside the screen, onto tangible surfaces. Since I was following the VJ scene, I was very inspired by the amazing works of some “Daddies” of the video mapping like the 1024 Architecture or AntiVj.

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4/12 TANGENT by 1024 Architecture


Our co-founder, 1024 Architecture’s new installation is opening tomorrow night at Cite de l’Architecture and Heritage.

TANGENT is a scenography which supports the content of the exhibition ” LIVING the CAMP ” and kinetic work to put in motion the space of the exhibition.

TANGENT  is a spatial installation, visual and sound that interprets the notion of movement and displacement inherent in any situation of camp to transcribe dynamically, metaphorical and poetic.

1024 architecture / Pier SCHNEIDER, François WUNSCHEL, Nico Merlin, David Benmussa, ElizabethPham, Fernando Favier.

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#10 AV Exciters


AVEexiters is an agency specialized in digital prototypes and new technologies started by . They make an audiovisual installation as an architectural expression to reveal the quality of space.


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4/23 AV-Workshop in Frankfurt

Screenshot 2016-04-05 12.53.21
AV Workshop — Tools, VJing & Video Mapping Software
Audiovisual Workshop by Lucas Gutierrez2 Days | 23 – 24 April 2016Location: INM – Institut für Neue Medien (Schmickstraße 18, 60314 Frankfurt am Main)Level — Beginner and Intermediate

Duration — Saturday 13h to 18h / Sunday 14h to 19h

Language — English

Registration Fee — € 110
To book the workshop, please proceed the submission form:http://goo.gl/forms/B7hcM4uquJ

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MAD MasterClass – Mapping Festival 2016

Don’t Miss the MAD MasterClass hosted by the Mapping Festival on May, 3 at 13:00 CET . FREE Entrance !! MAD gifts for attendees

A 4 hours Breathtaking Presentation where you will discover ‪#‎MadMapper‬ 2.5 / ‪#‎MadMapperLite‬ 1.0 / ‪#‎Modul8HD‬ / ‪#‎miniMAD‬ 1.5 / ‪#‎Scenografix2‬ LED BARS

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MadMapper 2.2.5 Update

MadMapper 2.2.5 Update

Thanks to users feedback we are pleased to announce that MadMapper has been updated to  version 2.2.5.

+ Updated to MiniMad 1.1.2

* fixed prevent from Keyboard controls to trigger while editing a text field

* Fixed issue when resizing fixture definition dialog when the grid is huge and there are scrollbars

* Improved smoothness of Syphon inputs with AMD drivers (i.e. MacPro)

* When “Output / Cursor” is activated, the cursor was moving choppy if no media was updating (i.e. when using only pictures)

* Fixed possible memory leak using videos with HAP codec
* MadMapper User Interface could become slow to react when using Syphon with lots of surfaces depending on graphic driver (introduced in 2.2.3)

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FIMG 2016 Mapping competition Open Calls

Open Call for projects and competitors for the next ‪#‎FIMG16‬ – ‪#‎Mapping‬ ‪#‎competition‬ in Girona-Spain from 22 to 24th of July. More than 28000€ in prizes including ‪#‎madmapper‬ prizes
info at

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QuickTip: Prevent from App Nap

#MadMapper #quicktip: Ensure to check “Prevent App Nap” from the app info window to prevent from #Syphon freeze on #MadLAB tools such as graphic Pattern #MadLab tool


QuickTip: prevent from Syphon freeze with MadLAB tools from GarageCUBE on Vimeo.

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Pixel Tape Compile by James Penry

Pixel tape compile -video of a #MadMapper #madlight installation running live video to a wall made with 600 meters of Pixeltape driven by madmapper and 6x Advatech Pixlite 16 over 90 universes of artnet.

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