LEVEL by team IF

LEVEL is a Project created by  Team IF  and made with MadMapper by our dears friends Cinzia Kamp (who was a teammate of 1024 architecture) & Erminio Serpente .
This installation was presented within the entry hall of the ‘Machine du Moulin Rouge’ in #Paris.

LEVEL from IF on Vimeo.

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LPM 2015 Rome – Calls for proposal

LPM 2015 - Edition XVI registration

CALLS FOR PROPOSAL for the next edition of the LPM  is now Open !!
This is the  16th edition of the  Live Performers Meeting and it begins on May 28, 2015 in Rome in the spaces of Nuovo Cinema Aquila and UniversitàSapienza.
Send your proposals for interactive video installations, video mappingAV Performances, VJ Sets, Live Mapping Performances ,  video theatre, video dance,  Interactive Installations ,Project showcase,  Workshops or Lectures

Registration form is available on-line and subscriptions will be accepted until April 21, 2015!!



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Art remixed on Michelangelo’s David – Thesis work

on February 27, Valentina Calabrese  presented a video piece called “Art remixed on Michelangelo’s David “at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples. This project was made with MadMapper and the video mapping was achieved by gloWArp.com studio who also was the thesis supervisor

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Bear stage by DuckUnit

 DuckUnit‬ is a company based in Thailand. A Hug Teddy bare made of LED lights and video was built for the T.E.D (Thailand Electronic Dance) at the Big Mountain Music Festival. This installation was built with #MadMapper with ‪#‎Modul8‬ and ‪‎#MadMapper‬


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Mappathon 2015 in NYC


Hello Future Mappers !
Let’s Get Cozy with Projection in This Cold Winter!!
Sign up the early bird special by March 14 for the Next #Mappathon Session in NYC to learn #MadMapper and #Modul8 ! This workshop is  limited to 15 participants.

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MadMapper 1.7.1 Update

MadMapper 1.7.1

MadMapper has been updated to version 1.7.1
Registred users can download it from the MadMapper yourspace page


+ Canon EDSDK Management
+ Updated OSC channels list (Help menu)
+ Leapmotion Library Update


* Fixed syphon servers were no more discovered at startup
* Fixed compatibility of MadMapper ArtNet & Arduino lib
* Fixed possible soft-edge texture adjustment
* Fixed possible issue with Managing Outputs
* Fixed issue with Fixture management within a group
* Fixed possible issue listing graphic devices

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Narrative Structure 6th Edition

Videomapping Workshop 6th Edition: ‘Narrating Structures’ at Apiary Studios, London


Download PDF with full information

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“JACK” Mapping Sculpture by Motomichi Studio

“JACK” is projection Mapping Sculpture by Motomichi Nakamura  made with MadMapper

This Projection Mapping Sculpture installation work commissioned by MARCO, MUSEO DE ARTE CONTEMPORÁNEO DE MONTERREY as part of Pictoplasma’sCharacter Portraits” exhibition.

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ANGLE – Tetra02 Official Teaser

TETRA 02 is the title of ANGLE’s new live set using MadMapper’s Madlight feature + Arduino to control the show.  https://vimeo.com/114940421

more info on

Official Page: facebook.com/project.angle

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New MadLines by Tving

Tiving Stage Design, released this nice video that demonstrates ‘s madmapper 1.7  new #madlines in action.

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