Proud to announce MadMapper 2.0

Hello, MadMapper lovers!

MadMapper 2.0 Available now


The MADTeam, 1024 Architecture and GarageCube are proud to announce MadMapper 2.0.

There are so many new features blow your mind and no more excuse not to post your new creation on our social network like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We love to see your magic with your favorite software, MadMapper 2.0. Stay turn for our new pdf and video tutorials.

Upgrade is free for all users who purchased the software in 2015 ! 

If you purchased before 2015 the price is 69 EURO (excl.vat, standard or academic version). For multiple computers upgrade plan, please log onto  to get the price for your current version. New users can purchase MadMapper 2.0 now for 320 EURO (excl.vat).

Enjoy your summer! The MADTeam, 1024 Architecture and GarageCube



Requirements : OSX 10.7 or later

Full 64 bits application

+ New retina user interface

+ New media playback engine (using FFMPEG or AVFoundation)

+ Multiple media input

+ Optimised OpenGL graphic engine for Faster & Smoother outputs with multiple projectors

+ Native support for DeckLink BlackMagic cards

+ Native HAP codec support on Yosemite 10.10

+ 3D Objects surfaces (.OBJ files)

+ 6 points automatic 3D Object Calibration

+ Realtime lights and shadows on 3D surfaces

+ Edition of 3D object’s texture coordinates

+ 2D LED scanner: auto address LED pixels or line fixtures

+ Generate lines from SVG file and 3D surface

+ Export to miniMAD

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 20.21.39

Additional Features

+ Artnet router for new LED protocols using Arduino

+ LED’s BlinkyTile & BlinkyTape support

+ Makey makey support

+ Surface handle position in pixels

+ Play animated GIFs

+ Controls for all media parameters

+ Offline media status

+ Camera resolution selection

+ Copy/paste line animation settings

+ Copy/paste controls settings (MIDI/OSC/DMX…)

+ Replace media option (right click over media)

+ Export of a single fixture definition

+ Improved position control of line animation (from MIDI/OSC etc.)

+ OSC channel list window is now resizable with (2 scrollable columns)

+ Easy create quad surface by drag & dropping movie onto output preview window

+ Easy import 3D surface by drag & dropping*.Obj file on output preview window

+ LED control (with DMX/ArtNet output) now works with no screen attached to your computer

Screenshot 2015-07-30 15.11.13New Mad_Lab: MadRouter

MadRouter is an easy bridge different control protocols:

  • MIDI
  • OSC
  • ArtNet
  • EnttecPro USB DMX
  • ShowJockey DMX
  • Audio input with BPM detection
  • Playstation 3&4 controllers
  • Leap Motion
  • LED devices
  • Computer keyboard
  • and even Python scripting !
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Free Eye Candy VJ clips by SSWIII

SSWIII creates FREE VJ Clips and release them for free to the creative community under a creative commons license.

Screenshot 2015-07-22 10.00.48

You can download his free vj package, Genesis 10.0 on one click here. Here is his VJ Loops on Vimeo.

SSWIII is an artist, a designer, a motion graphic designer, and a visual performer! He is absolutely happy to share his vj clips with and be apart of the projection mapping, live visual creative community.

Also check out his everyday 3d art (365-design, a day project) for here .


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‘Narrating Structures‘ 25th – 26th July in London

‘Narrating Structures ’ Intensive Videomapping Workshop 7th Edition learn The next  MadMapper & Modul8 workshop will be set at Apiary Studios, London 25th to 26th JULY 2015.


The 2 day workshop is divided in 6 sections.

1- Introduction. ‘Son et lumiere’, live cinema, videomapping installation.
2- Study of multiple video-mapping projects.
3- Learning multiple techniques and applying them using the different spaces and structures. The use of 2D a 3D projection mapping.
4- Projection mapping on different surfaces.
5- Control lights with Madmapper.
6- Creation and presentation of a specific group project.

At the end of this workshop you will be able to create various projections simultaneously,  shape light into objects and spaces, project manage and connect with local and international communities.This workshop is for visual artists, graphic designers, architects and anybody interested.

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RICE Mapping – world’s smallest video mapping

Does Size matters? Apparently not!

Rice Mapping is the world’s smallest video mapping ever. Drill Tokyo ’s creative team created this amazing video mapping performance on a single rice grain using #MadMapper . This work was presented during the Tokyo design week in Milano- Itlay – from 4 to 19 april 2015.

We created the world’s smallest projection mapping that brings together Japan’s ancient values and state-of-the-art technology. As it is being viewed, the texture of the “rice” begins to change so that it is no longer just rice. This reflects the ancient Japanese belief in shogyo mujo (the impermanence of worldly things), which is embodied in the saying: “all creation is infinitely transitory with forms and values changing in each moment.”
Drill is an ultimate creative team that uses all possible means to achieve goals including: strategy, advertising, promotion, content, product, digital, event, and PR.
This project was created in collaboration with aircord (system development), Maxilla (video production), and Yuki Precision (precision machining).”

Drill Tokyo

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MAPLAB Three – video review

from june 3-7th, 2015 , GarageCube supported the MAPLAB three at Spring Festival in Graz – Austria . Here’s a video review of this event featuring MO:YA visuals,László Zsolt Bordos and Ayoba, a media art collective from Korea .MapLab is a laboratory for visual art and 3d Mapping using MadMapper.

more info about maplab:
about mo:ya visuals :

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The City is London – Ithaca audio

The City is London is a mashup music video created by Ithaca. Ithaca Audio is a creative audio company from Brighton – UK .
This video used resolume for the video content and streamed through syphon and mapped in MadMapper.

more info about Ithaca :

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3 LED MAPPATHON workshop sessions in NYC

3 sessions in July of the LED MAPPATHON is coming to Reverse in NY!
LED MAPPATHON© is a workshop where students will learn basic knowledge of Projection Mapping technology to map LED light using the software MadMapper with a DMX controller, DMX drive and Modul8.

more info at:

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From 4 till 6 May 2015, during the Electropicales Festival in the Island Reunion, Studio Corium was invited to give a mapping masterclass, working on MadMapper, Quartz Composer and VDMX. Intensive dumping into the software to learn how to build a scenography from A to Z.

The initiation into MadMapper served to understand the bases of mapping. Among many other things, the participants learned how to cut the video signal, create masks and different presets, and get back the Quartz compositions with their inputs into MadMapper. The power of the software allowed the participants to get easily creative and to be quickly enthusiastic on the exploiting possibilities.

At the end of the session, the final work was projected on the walls of the Old City hall during the inaugural night of the festival.

More information:


DSC_0762 DSC_0678

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Projecting West by Craig Winslow

MadMapper supports a great Kickstater project from Craig Winslow where two video adventurers will cross the USA territory during 15 days in June 2015. 15 of daily immersive video Mapping projections illustrating a westward adventure from Portland (ME) to Portland (OR) using MadMapper


You can back this project until June, 1st

Project page:

Creator’s project article about the project:

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Pre Order MiniMAD


minMAD has been unveiled at the Mapping Playground workshop during the Mapping Festival 2015.


miniMAD is an amazing all-in-one video mapping dedicated hardware.
Easy to use, small and inexpensive for your future installations.

Create your video mapping project in MadMapper*,  export it to a SD card then play it directly with the miniMAD device : No need to buy additional costly Apple computers!!  No need to buy extra madmapper licenses.

Take your miniMAD wherever you want! Plug it to a HDMI video projector and Voila!

You can adjust video mapping points,
picture and play different media with a single finger !

you can Pre-Order The miniMAD now  from the garagecube shop :

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