Call for Entry: The Genius Loci Weimar Festival

Projection Mapping competition!



Submit your work to the Genius Loci Weimar Festival, Germany!
The deadline is March 23, 2016!

The three winning projects will then be completed with the help of prize money totalling €45,000 before being shown in the context of an evening tour of Weimar, itself part of a wider festival to take place from 12 to 14 August 2016.

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#7 Avainmotion

7ARTISTBLOG1st place at the Amsterdam Light Festival 2015

MadMapper: Tell us about yourself?
AVAinmotion: AVA Animation and Visual Arts is Pedro Narvaez and Emma Lopez. After working as an animator and a broadcast designer for four years in Canada, we decided to start our company specialising visual contents for architectural projection mapping in Mexico. The Niigata MINATOPIKA International Mapping Competition, Japan, 2nd place.

M: Who and what was an influence to become an artist?
AVA: Basically, everything we liked changed us, video games, cartoons, Japanese animation, sci-fi, comics and art and technology.

M: What do you listen when you are working?
AVA: Daft Punk, New Order, Crystal Castles, The Smiths, Vitalic, M83, Interpol, Justice, MSTRKFT.

M: What are AVA means?
AVA: AVA has many meanings in many languages, it can mean sound, water, breath, etc. But we took it from the Hebrew from of “Eve” that means “life or “to give life” for us, the animation is about bringing things to life. It provides us with the ability to create everything we can dare to imagine. Another reason is that internationally it translates the same acronym in English and Spanish (A.V.A. = Animation and Visual Arts / Artes Visuales y Animación)

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 1.22.59 PM©NY Mappathon, Mapping Festival 2014

M: Why are you using MadMapper?
AVA: It is easy to use. We had the opportunity of working with all kinds of software for our jobs, but we use MadMapper for our personal projects.

M: What do you like about MadMapper and Modul8?
AVA: Using MadMapper, you don’t waste your time on setup. You can just create and see the immediate result without getting lost in the technical side of a projection. MadMapper works great for experimenting and testing new ideas. Modul8 comes in just when we need to be in control of the content, but in most cases our animation is rendered to be looping seamlessly.

Lunch Garden Christmas Installation,2015
The idea was to create a projection mapping installation for Lunch Garden, a restaurant in the heart of Mexico City. We designed a minimalistic Christmas tree played with the Lunch Garden color palette, creating something interesting, cool and modern still make you feel the warmth of the holidays instead of the traditional Christmas color and tree. We also animated the logo and a series of transitions for the restaurant’s front desk.


PastedGraphic-3IMG_0267 copy

Concept & Art Direction: AVA Animation & Visual Arts
3D Modelling: Pedro Narvaez, Elena Saborío, Andrés Rodriguez,
Animation: Pedro Narvaez, Emma Lopez
Model Construction: Graciela AbreuLupita Hechem Emma Lopez, Anita Sarabia, Jose Dolores Mendez
Software: Cinema4D
3D Modelling and Animation: After Effects
Mapping & Projection setup: Madmapper

M: Any challenging moment in this project?
AVA: The tree was 300 hundred pieces of wood painted by hand that we had to hang one by one. It was so much work, but we were so excited building it, and we didn’t realise how heavy it was or how complicated to move it to the restaurant. Once we arrived the restaurant, we had to spend a good couple of hours just detangling the whole thing. The setup with Madmapper was super easy.

Concept & Art Direction: AVA Animation & Visual Arts
3D Modelling: Pedro Narvaez, Elena Saborío, Andrés Rodriguez

M: Tell us about your large scale Projection Mapping?
AVA: We just finished our projection mapping Reel. It has all the mapping projects that we had the opportunity to work in the past years. From the 2nd largest building in the world to the experiments we do just for fun in Amsterdam, Moscow, Yerevan, Tokio, Beirut, Romania, Niigata, and Mexico City. It’s all there.

M: What is next for you?
AVA: 2015 was an incredible year, we won 1st place in the Amsterdam Light Festival, 2nd place in Niigata MINATOPIKA in Japan, we got to map the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow and the Palace of Parliament in Bucharest. We are so thankful for the opportunity to do what we love. We have no idea what the future will bring but we know it will be awesome.

M: Any request to MadMapper?
AVA: We can’t wait to experiment with interactive features.

AVA | | | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

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#6 Adrien Boulanger & Michaël Ventura


MadMapper: Tell us about yourself?
Adrien Boulanger & Michaël Ventura: When we saw Boris Edelstein, a founder of MadMapper, started working with LED light mapping, we decided to develop our project. We like an installation with new technologies in an old environment. The Zoo in Geneva, where a part of Mapping Festival happens, was a great place to test out our project and gave us a great inspiration!

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MadLight Demo by JeanFrançois Graignic

Jean François Graignic is a french light engineer who works with MadMapper.
He wrote a nice tutorial to use MadMapper 2 with ArtNET that you can download at this address:

He published recently 2 demonstration video about Madlight feature, one in english the other one in french


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Happy New Year 2016


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#5 Eric Raynaud aka Fraction


MadMapper: Tell us about your project, ENTROPIA?

Eric Raynaud aka Fraction: The project initially started with my research on ambisonics sound in residency at SAT (Montreal) at the end of 2014. I wanted to develop a way to smoothly perform electronic music in a sound field larger than regular stereo using SAT’s world unique satosphere.

I was interested in ambisonics that drove me working on softwares like Iannix and max msp connected to live Ableton. At the end of my research, I really wanted to create a new audio visual performance. As you may know, ambisonics is a full sphere technique for sound spatialisation. It is a more natural way to move sound sources into the sound field.

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Workshop: Narrating Structures, London


“Narrating Structures” Intensive Video Mapping Workshop 10th Edition

“Narrating Structures” is an intensive workshop where we introduce projection mapping. We will look at diverse techniques for the production of audiovisual projects in architectural spaces and objects and also its application in artistic and creative practice.

  • Dates: Saturday 16th& Sunday the 17th of January 2017, From 12 to 19.30 pm. Break 3 to 4pm
  • Place : Apiary Studios (Studio 1). 458 Hackney Road, E2 9EG 
  • Hours: 14 hours
  • Student fee:  £150  (Max nº of students:10)
  • Led: Blanca Regina. Invited artist: DIZQO
  • Information and registration:
  • Organized by
  • With the support of: Mad Mapper, Modul8
  • Download Pdf

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MadMapper: Tell us about yourself?

Jeanne: I’ve been making X media for about 16 years (X = web, graphic, digital, video, interactive, multi, trans, creative, etc.) I got my first job as a Web Designer in High School, and I think I’ve always been on this path; of playing and making things with visual and digital mediums, and working with technology. I fell in love with projectors in college, and started VJing and making visuals at parties and collaborating with other artists that I met, who were also always making or performing with visuals or sound. I’m thankful for all the amazing people I’ve met over the years who inspire and challenge me to keep making. I’ve been working as a hands-on producer of exhibit media at NYHS for 3.5 years, and I’ve found it super rewarding and have learned a lot about developing the narrative.

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How to De-Authorize MadMapper mini tutorial

A Mini Tutorial is available on our vimeo page

how to De-Authorize / Authorize MadMapper from GarageCUBE on Vimeo.

You might need to reauthorise MadMapper when you have to repair your computer, format the Hard drive, sell your computer or just need to use MadMapper on another computer
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