3 LED MAPPATHON workshop sessions in NYC

3 sessions in July of the LED MAPPATHON is coming to Reverse in NY!
LED MAPPATHON© is a workshop where students will learn basic knowledge of Projection Mapping technology to map LED light using the software MadMapper with a DMX controller, DMX drive and Modul8.

more info at:


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From 4 till 6 May 2015, during the Electropicales Festival in the Island Reunion, Studio Corium was invited to give a mapping masterclass, working on MadMapper, Quartz Composer and VDMX. Intensive dumping into the software to learn how to build a scenography from A to Z.

The initiation into MadMapper served to understand the bases of mapping. Among many other things, the participants learned how to cut the video signal, create masks and different presets, and get back the Quartz compositions with their inputs into MadMapper. The power of the software allowed the participants to get easily creative and to be quickly enthusiastic on the exploiting possibilities.

At the end of the session, the final work was projected on the walls of the Old City hall during the inaugural night of the festival.

More information: www.studiocorium.com/electropicales-2015-masterclass


DSC_0762 DSC_0678

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Projecting West by Craig Winslow

MadMapper supports a great Kickstater project from Craig Winslow where two video adventurers will cross the USA territory during 15 days in June 2015. 15 of daily immersive video Mapping projections illustrating a westward adventure from Portland (ME) to Portland (OR) using MadMapper


You can back this project until June, 1st

Project page:

Creator’s project article about the project:

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Pre Order MiniMAD


minMAD has been unveiled at the Mapping Playground workshop during the Mapping Festival 2015.


miniMAD is an amazing all-in-one video mapping dedicated hardware.
Easy to use, small and inexpensive for your future installations.

Create your video mapping project in MadMapper*,  export it to a SD card then play it directly with the miniMAD device : No need to buy additional costly Apple computers!!  No need to buy extra madmapper licenses.

Take your miniMAD wherever you want! Plug it to a HDMI video projector and Voila!

You can adjust video mapping points,
picture and play different media with a single finger !

you can Pre-Order The miniMAD now  from the garagecube shop :  http://shop.garagecube.com/minimad

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MAPPING LAB in Bogota – May 7-9

MAPPING LAB is a video mapping workshop created and conducted by Laura Ramirez – Optika and the next one will be held in Bogota from 7 to 9 May 2015.

This workshop is aimed to artists and AV designers and this time it will be focused on the scenic design and divided in theoretical and practical sessions in which Modul8 and MadMapper will be used. Every assistant will have all the facilities needed like projectors, controllers and mockups. Only requirements is bring a Mac laptop and have basic knowledge in motion design software.

The event is organized by Optikal Ink Lab http://optikalink.weebly.com (Laura’s AV label) and produced in partnership with La Casa del teatro nacional. Supported by Modul8 and MadMapper.

Inscriptions and info : https://www.facebook.com/events/284311931760896





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FUTURE MAPPERS at Made in NY Media Center


Limited to 15 participants

FM  670x443 100

 5 hour projection mapping workshop, Future Mappers, is coming back to The Made in NY Media Center on 5/1 by CHiKA!

During 5 hours, students will learn basic knowledge about projection mapping technology. Projection mapping can turn almost any surface into a dynamic video display for art projects, including large projection onto buildings.

The Made in NY Media Center

30 John Street Brooklyn, New York, 11201

11:30 – 5:30



During 5 hours you will learn:

  1. Basic knowledge of choosing the right projector for a project.
  2. Basic knowledge of making a 2 and 3 dimensional projection mapping surface.
  3. Learn how to make animation and video contents using Modul8.
  4. Learn how to map 2 or 3 dimensional surface using MadMapper.

Go to mappathon.com & Facebook Page to see our past workshop!

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WINGS – Kinetic sculpture by AV Exciters

WINGS is a magical Light Kinetic Sculpture created by Jeremie Bellot, Josselin Beaumont and Sebastien Schnabel from AV Exciters (Visuaal label) during the Electron Festival @ Le Zoo (Geneva). This Kinetic Installation used Led 3D tubes and DMX Motors Controlled via Quartz Composer , VDMX & MadMapper


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The Next Mappathon with CHiKA will be at the EXPERIMENTAL INTERMEDIA in New York on April 18, 2015
This video mapping workshop is for #MadMapper & #Modul8 Beginners.
More information : http://www.mappathon.com/apply/

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Mapping Playground Workshop Registration

The Mad team will be once again at the Mapping Festival (May 7-17 2015) . During the next edition of the Mapping festival, the MAD team will  unveil new products and great new features during the Mapping Playground workshop :

Introducing miniMAD
MadMapper in your pocket !! We are excited to introduce the  MiniMAD Device , the first all-in-one video Mapping device that fits in your pocket.


minMAD device - white

MadMapper 2.0 will be presented during  the Mapping playground.



Registrations are open for the next workshops of Mapping Festival, dedicated to audio-visual art and digital culture (May 7 to 17 2015).

Check www.mappingfestival.com for informations and registration.

DEADLINE: April 5th 2015!



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LEVEL by team IF

LEVEL is a Project created by  Team IF  and made with MadMapper by our dears friends Cinzia Kamp (who was a teammate of 1024 architecture) & Erminio Serpente .
This installation was presented within the entry hall of the ‘Machine du Moulin Rouge’ in #Paris.

LEVEL from IF on Vimeo.

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