FIMG 2016 Mapping competition Open Calls

Open Call for projects and competitors for the next ‪#‎FIMG16‬ – ‪#‎Mapping‬ ‪#‎competition‬ in Girona-Spain from 22 to 24th of July. More than 28000€ in prizes including ‪#‎madmapper‬ prizes
info at

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QuickTip: Prevent from App Nap

#MadMapper #quicktip: Ensure to check “Prevent App Nap” from the app info window to prevent from #Syphon freeze on #MadLAB tools such as graphic Pattern #MadLab tool


QuickTip: prevent from Syphon freeze with MadLAB tools from GarageCUBE on Vimeo.

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Pixel Tape Compile by James Penry

Pixel tape compile -video of a #MadMapper #madlight installation running live video to a wall made with 600 meters of Pixeltape driven by madmapper and 6x Advatech Pixlite 16 over 90 universes of artnet.

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Quad Surface Mask quick tutorial

You are new to madmapper 2 and you would like to know about ‪#‎MadMapper‬’s basic knowledge ?
Here’s a Quad surface mask quick ‪#‎tutorial‬
you can also access it form the review page

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miniMAD Review by

The famous website wrote a very interesting in-depth review of the miniMAD Device.

The MiniMAD is a nice use case of the RaSpberry Pi (I don’t know why but lot of people forget the S…). The MiniMAD costs around 160 Euros which is cheap if you compare this price to the one of a small PC or Mac system. The MiniMAD has been developed for a particular task: a very cheap video mapping device installed (and forgotten) somewhere, and that projects a video for a long time (days…). I bet you won’t let your $2000 MacBook Pro far from home during days like you can do with the MiniMAD.

read the full article on

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LED ENSEMBLE workshop by SILO lab

SILO LAb – the korean interactive media lab did a LED Mapping Workshop called LED ENSEMBLE with ‪#‎madmapper‬ you can get more information about Silo LAB at

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#9 Artist Interview: Jose Carlos aka VJ Gorilla


MadMapper: Tell us about yourself?
Jose Carlos aka VJ Gorilla & Up Creativos: I am VJ Gorilla and run a media company, Up Creativos in Peru. I make everything that my commercial clients need for their branding and events.

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MadMapper 2.2.3 update



MadMapper  2.2.3  is now available. This version is more solid and improves the user experience.

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#8 Artist Interview: Alex Augier


1. Tell us about yourself

I’m an electronic musician, based in Paris. I started to play drums and piano in my childhood. But my main interest has always been music composition. Like many people, that’s how I was lead to using computers to make music. The simple recorder at a first time and then as a specific musical tool for sound design, composition and production (electronic music).

Then, I discovered MaxMSP and started experimenting transversal proposals because I love music, but also visual, design, architecture… In order to deepen my work, I attended the « Computer Music Designer Master 2 » in 2013 (University Jean Monnet, Saint-Etienne, FR). Then, I was computer music designer – trainee at Theatre de la Renaissance (Lyon, FR) and at IRCAM (Paris, FR), where I improved my work in synthesis, control and spatialization of the sound. I was selected in great workshops allows me to work with Robert Henke (2014) and Scanner (2015), allows me to experiment multichannel sound diffusion, generative music, audiovisual links…

In the same period, Stereolux helped me to create my first audiovisual project: oqpo_oooo. First presentation at Scopitone Festival 2014 (Nantes, FR). Then, I presented this works at international festivals including Elektra (Montreal/CA), Open Source Art Festival (Gdansk/PL), Lab30 (Augsburg/DE), BAM (Liege/BE), Digital Choc (Tokyo/JP)….


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3/26-27 Video Mapping Narrating Structure 11
























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