MadMapper Registred Users can now remotely deauthorize MadMapper online from the Yourspace page.

The Serial REMOTE RESET can be done only ONCE A YEAR.
After all possible de authorizations for the current year,  the end user won’t be able to activate MadMapper before one Year.

The Standard Deauthorization procedure remains the same:

If you need to authorize Modul8 on a different computer and you have already used authorizations you must de-authorize Modul8 from one of the computers BEFORE

The Standard Deauthorization process remains within the MadMapper software.
You can deauthorize MadMapper as follows:

1. Open MadMapper, click at the MadMapper Menu (beside the apple icon)
2. Choose from the list ” De-authorize MadMapper…”
3. You will have then a window asking your admin password from your computer, if you do not have a password then click OK.
4. The deauthorisation will finish and a new window will appear on MadMapper : “The authorization was successfully removed”.
Click ‘OK’ or wait, MadMapper will quit and you will be able to install MadMapper on a new machine with the same licence.

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MadMapper has been update to version 1.6.3 .
If you are a registered user you can download it from the yourspace page :
or you can try the demo from the madmapper home page

+ New option in Preferences / Misc: you can choose to show/hide the surface names in the export (for inputs or outputs).
+ Added new blend mode: multiply
+ Added OSC color channel support
+ Added Disable HID Devices (PS3/PS4)


Improvements in ArtNet:
* Fixed Solved an issue when changing IP address while MM is running
* Fixed With unicast: the list of network devices gets updated as soon as you select the network interface in preferences
* Fixed With unicast: workaround for a problem in Enttec STORM software (sending IP
* Fixed Reset ArtNet devices when “Reset to factory defaults”

* Fixed Solved a possible crash when entering an empty OSC address
* Fixed bug reported by Aktion: UVs not initialized correctly when recalling a preset where a surface UVs are outside the input rect (
* Fixed Test pattern was always showing 800×600
* Fixed Solved Quartz boolean parameter assignment
* Fixed media pause button assignment
* Fixed Solved an issue when loading projects created with MM prior to 1.6 with preset or surfaces that have empty names
* Fixed Solved an issue when loading projects created with MM prior to 1.6 if multiple presets have the same name
* Fixed Solved a possible crash when changing preset from an assignment
* Fixed No need to restart the application when activating Syphon output
* Fixed Don’t try to open an Enttec Pro on a usb serial port if we failed once (solves issues with some hardware), retry only when opening preferences dialog
* Fixed Bug fix in Media Controller (two issues: possible crash when removing several pictures fastly / when undoing deletion of a media the control nodes were not coming back)

Registred Users can also access to the MadMapper 1.7.0 BETA version including, New embed madlines, lines in Fixtures , audio control, Leap motion .

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Thanks to all madmapper users’s feedbacks MadMapper has been updated to version 1.6.2

Registred users can download the latest version from the yourspace page:


Fix: Syphon activation/deactivation needed a restart
Fix: feedback was no more resetting the filters
Fix: Detect if we are using an intel card and if so use 0x10000 to convert for float to int within the shader. Otherwise use 0xFFFF as before.
Fix: Crash when reloading projects with surfaces with empty names
Fix: when reloading a file it was possible to select a projector while being on the surface tab
Fix: Subnet/universe should be ignored when using a Usb DMX output
Fix: Badly interaction between Surfaces, Fixtures and Syphon
Fix: Scanning for Enttec Pro devices on usb-serial ports could be problematic with some strange USB-serial hardware connected (only retry opening failed ports when opening preferences dialog)

Improvement: Added new setting in the preferences to be able to export the input/output without the surface names.
Improvement: Fixture params control (luminosity widget was not linked and increased slider count)

Mad mapper banner fw

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Joey Shanks from PBS Digital Studio released a clear and nice Mapping Video introduction video tutorial for filmmakers.

More info at:

Continue reading

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Chromatic Estudio, design this LED bars Madmapper controlled  geodesic DJ Booth.

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Alex Reche one of our talented MadMapper engineer made this amazing demo of MadMapper control with a Leap Motion Controller . This feature will come soon for everyone.

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The Next Video Mapping Workshop for beginner with Kalma VJ will be on 13-June at KulturKollektiv – Leipzig – Germany

Learn the basics of video mapping with madmapper and modul8 workshop.

more info:!mapping-workshop-with-madmapper-ww-leipzig/
facebook event


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Hey If you couldn’t attend the mapping festival amazing workshops, you can join the next Interactive Mappathon workshop in June 27 – 29 at Reverse -Brooklyn, USA

Interactive Mappathon is a 3-day projection mapping marathon workshop , followed by an art installation exhibited at REVERSE and open to the public. this workshop is conducted by CHiKA and Bruno Kruse. You will learn to use MadMapper and Modul8

You can register or get more info at


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Three Moons Augmented Painting installation is a symbolic interesting work created by the Berlin based Audiovisual Artist Jacques-André DUPONT  for the B-Seite Jetzkultur . MadMapper was used to perform the visual Mapping.

THREE MOONS – Augmented Paintings Installation from JACQUES-ANDRE DUPONT on Vimeo.

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MadMapper 1.6.1 has been released today. This version fixes minor issues with the OSC

Version 1.6.1 (build 3247)

* Fixed a few stability issues
* Fixed OSC channel can be edited manually (so you can program while no OSC controller is running)
* Fixed when linking a DH2G or TH2G to an output, reloading the project loosed the link
* Fixed some OSC messages were ignored by MadMapper
* Fixed Allow the creation of binary dmx fixtures (dmx value is either 0 or 1)

Registred users can download it from the yourspace page:

The Full release note is available at:

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