So you like MadMapper, but want more features ?

Here comes the MAD_Lab, a laboratory for experimental softwares. It contains a bunch of little apps, each focusing on a special aspect we want to integrate into MadMapper, but didn’t find the time to implement nicely in the initial release.
Please note that since these apps have a highly experimental flavour, we do not recommend using them in production.

The Mad Lab apps are powered by Syphon

You’ll need to be a registered user in order to run these following apps.
Get them from MadMapper yourspace page


Composite 2 Syphon inputs into a new one.Useful for combining Modlu8 and QuartzComposer (or VDMX or Resolume…) input into MadMapper.
Width / Height : output image size, in pixels.
Defaults to 2x 1024 x 768.
Left and Right droplist: selects which Syphon input to composite.


Renders a fully parametrable equalizer.
Bands are organized from Left to Right, bass to high.
X and Y : sets the number of rows/column. Each column is a specific frequency band.
Option to select audio source:
Microphone or Line In
ON: active the sound analysis
Show Lines: shows EQ subdivisions (usefull for setting up the mapping)
Increasing/Decreasing scale: adjusts the sensibility
Gain: add gain on the input sound level
Hue: change the global color tint
Hue Offset: offset each cell’s color


Renders 16 different graphical patterns.
Option to change the master color.
Slider to change the global speed.
X and Y parameters to set the ouput render size inpixels (defaults to 1024*768)


Renders a parametric grid.
X and Y sets the number of rows/cells.
Animate: animates each cell successively.
Speed: changes the global speed of animation
Luminosity: changes the luminosity of each cell
Colorize: switch to color mode


Delays the isight feed of your computer and display each iteration on a different cell.
Width/Height : sets the output size in pixels
Row/Columns: sets the number of row/columns
Exposure: adjust the camera’s exposure
Delay: sets the delay (in frames) between each cell


Allows to draw lines and animate them in realtime. It also features an export to SVG function