Minimum Configuration:

The minimum Operating System required to run MadMapper version 2.5 is macOS 10.8

Note that MadMapper is fully compatible with macOS 10.12 Sierra

Once you have installed OSX 10.8 or higher, MadMapper should run on any Mac.
However, having a recent powerful graphic card is recommended.

In order to use the Spacial Scanner function of MadMapper,
you’ll need either a QuickTime compatible Firewire camera
or Canon camera models that are compatible with the Canon EDSDK version 3.5

You can find the list of supported cameras by Canon EDSDK on this page:

You may also use Firewire based video camera recorder however we do not recommend this as the image quality provided may produce a low quality scan.

Try MadMapper

We highly recommend that you try the demo of MadMapper to make sure that your hardware is compatible prior to purchasing the software.



  • Watermark in the input, preview and output
  • Scan produced by the Spatial Scanner is limited and cropped to 1/4th of its resolution
  • Connected lighting will blink once every minute when using MadLight
  • Saving a project is disabled