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Today's 2D Mapping by MappingMalaga
Lighting and mapping of the music video from Sonido Internacional. Graffiti: Joserulos.Com // #Graffiti #mapping MadMapper
Manu Sonido ALLsol Lighting, Eric Mikhaelide
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Iluminación y mapping del videoclip de Sonido Internacional. Graffiti: // #graffiti #mapping MadMapper Manu Sonido ALLsol Lighting, Eric Mikhaelides


Todays 2D Mapping by MappingMalaga
Lighting and mapping of the music video from Sonido Internacional. Graffiti: Joserulos.Com // #Graffiti #mapping MadMapper
Manu Sonido ALLsol Lighting, Eric Mikhaelide

MadMapper shared Vitamin's video.

Today's Mapping by Vitamin
#360mapping #madmapper
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Nuestro último trabajo: Instalación inmersiva - Video Mapping 360º Cliente: Noken - Porcelanosa Bathrooms Video Mapping software - MadMapper 3D animation: Cesar Rodrez Audio 6.1 : Pere Vicalet Rea...


VisualMax Producciones Presents: ORIGAMI Nº 1 - La Pajarita
A Visual Installation by: elimaginario + Chromatic Estudio

#leddigital #madlight #madmapper
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VisualMax Producciones Presents ORIGAMI Nº 1 LA PAJARITA A Visual Installation Created by elimaginario + Chromatic Estudio ORIGINAL IDEA BY Daniela Music…


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Next Event

Narrando Estructuras 18 - Intensive workshop video mapping

Narrando Estructuras 18 - Intensive workshop video mapping

March 25, 2017, 10:00am - March 26, 2017, 9:00pm

Mademotion C / Doctor Fourquet, 3. 1ºB, 28012 Madrid.

The course is focused on video mapping technique and the concept of projection beyond the screen.
We develop the technique of image projection and its application in installations and performances.
We will teach how to project simultaneously on different surfaces with different motifs and moving images, as well as the production of content and its practical application.
We investigate the projected image not only as a technique but as an artistic form and language.

Taught by Blanca Regina:
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CultureHUB LED Mapapthon™

CultureHUB LED Mapapthon™

April 8, 2017, 1:00pm - April 9, 2017, 12:00am

47 Great Jones St
New York, NY  10012 Map

CultureHub LED Mappathon™ is two day workshop where students will learn basic knowledge of Projection Mapping technology to map LED lights.

Our exercise will be choosing right types of LED light, recognizing how the video contents map and control LED light, and creating a simple geometric LED lights structure to take away using MadMapper 2.5 with new features, Surface Shaders and more. We also will be showing GarageCube's new LED light product, and more advanced LED light structure demonstration during this workshop. All students will receive a free 30-day full access of Modul8, MadMapper and Vezer.
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Past Events

Practice Masterclass: Videomapping architecture series

Practice Masterclass: Videomapping architecture series

March 22, 2017, 7:00pm - March 26, 2017, 4:00am


– Introduzione ai principi generali del projection mapping

– Esempi di mapping architettonico di esterni e di interni. Caratteristiche e differenze.

– Indicazioni per preparazione contenuti visivi in 2D e 3D.

– Progettazione integrata tra architettura e luce con 3d object .obj

– Primi esperimenti di mapping con software free utilizzando VPT

– MadMapper: descrizione e funzionalità dell’interfaccia grafica.

– Importazione e utilizzo di file di immagini, video, live camera ecc.

– Mappatura strutture semplici, utilizzo mesh e maschere.

– Proiezione dei primi esperimenti di mapping su superfici 3D.

– Dimostrazione live di un audiovisual set di video mapping.

– Presentazione e utilizzo del software modul8

– Utilizzo contemporaneo di Modul8 e MadMapper

– Il rapporto suono-visione: principi essenziali.

– Preparazione del live set, organizzazione dei materiali e dispositivi.

– Live mapping su superfici 3D.

– Laboratorio e prove.

– Realizzazione di un’installazione audio-video con Madmapper+Modul8
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Workshop ➝ Spatial Design and Visual Performance

Workshop ➝ Spatial Design and Visual Performance

March 20, 2017, 10:00am - March 24, 2017, 4:00pm

SPEKTRUM art_technology_community
Bürknerstr 12
Berlin,  12047 Map

Workshop ➝ Spatial Design and Visual Performance

Workshop holder ➝ Kalma Visuals & Irina Spicaka
Date ➝ March 20 - 24
Time ➝ 10 am - 4 pm

Student & freelancer ticket ➝ 300 EUR
Regular ticket ➝ 400 EUR

Apply ➝ or by writing to or

:::::: WORKSHOP ::::::

Spatial design is a relatively new conceptual design discipline that crosses the boundaries of traditional design, it can be used in stage design, art, architecture. Artists and designers can adjust video projections to spatial objects through the use of projection mapping. VJing techniques would be applied in cases if artist would want to create specific videos, mix them in real time and project on spatial shapes. These complex systems are used in designing an immersive real-time visual performances.
In this 5 days long workshop participants will learn about materials and methods used in stage design, as well as how such software like Blender and Adobe Illustrator can be used to produce three-dimensional sculptures. Participants will learn about projection mapping - history and ways how projection mapping can be used. They will practice projection mapping on already made three-dimensional objects. Workshop holders will give an insight into a visual content production. Workshop participants will learn about sampling, loops and VJing, will experiment and create video loops and gifs using Adobe Apps. Guided by workshop holders, participants will work with VJ & live performance tool VDMX and projection mapping tool MadMapper 2.0. They will focus on developing their own visual content for projection mapping. During last day of workshop participants will explore audio synchronisation with OSC (open sound control) and MIDI using Ableton Live, MadMapper and VDMX and how to work with MIDI controllers. In the end of workshop participants will present their projects.

{ Day 1 } Learning about materials and methods used in stage design. Exploring ways how Adobe Illustrator, Blender, Kinect and the digital fabrication can be used to produce three-dimensional sculptures.

{ Day 2 } Learning and practicing projection mapping with Madmapper 2.0. Three-dimensional objects and video loops will be provided.

{ Day 3 } VDMX and MadMapper (VJing and projection mapping tools). Learning about sampling, loops and VJing.

{ Day 4 } Technical specifications: resolutions, codecs, video formats, cables, adaptors. Projection calculator. Pre-production to avoid failure. Tips and tricks. Working on own projects according to participants' interests (projects can be developed by working in groups). Participants will be working on their own three-dimensional shape and visual content production with Adobe Apps.

{ Day 5 } Learning about audio synchronisation with OSC (open sound control) and MIDI using Ableton Live, MadMapper and VDMX and how to work with MIDI controllers. Problem solving, planning, setting up for a final showcase. Each participant or a group will play 10 - 15 min performance.

{ Requirements }

Bring your Mac computer. Additionally you will need to install software and bring hardware:
- Recommended: Intel Mac running Mac OS X 10.8 or newer.
- Mac laptop with installed software: Demo or original versions of Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, Blender (open source), VDMX, MadMapper 2.5 (we will provide a temporary full license for 1 month), Ableton Live (optional).
- Video adapter into VGA or HDMI.
- 3-button mouse for 3D modelling.
- Additionally you will need to bring headphones and MIDI controllers, beamer, Kinect V1 (if you have).

:::::: KALMA VISUALS ::::::

Kalma is a visual performer that used real time processes to create light installations, interactive sculptures, mappings and vj sets with unique atmospheres and unrepeatable experiences and new adventures from one moment to the next.

Her unique approach to the visual experience is intimately linked with her background of working with audio. KALMA intertwines both realms creating unrepeatable experiences
Kalma combines her work as visual artist with her passion for teaching. Since 2010 she has been hosting and organising workshops around the topics of mapping and video in real time. Her creative pedagogic and practical approach generate the best ground for people willing to immerse in this endless possibilities field.

She has performed since a decade at art festivals and played in clubs and events around Europe including Contemporary Performing Arts of Glastonbury (UK), Lummix Light Festival (Bulgaria), Laptoprus (Madrid), Transmediale Vorspiel, Perspective Festival, Kasseler Dokfest (Germany), Fiesta is Madrid (Amsterdam), Weekend, Suicide Circus, Ohm (Berlin), Fabrik, Mondo, Goa electronic parties (Madrid)...

:::::: IRINA SPICAKA ::::::

Irina Spicaka is a Berlin-based digital media artist, curator and user experience, interface designer working in the field since 2005. As an artist Irina applies computer generated graphics and sound as the main medium of her artistic expression, giving special attention to the conceptual aspects of it. She also uses interactive, generative approaches and projection mapping to create audiovisual content. (In content creation she puts the focus on the outcome, which is the momentum of the interaction between the artwork, author and audience.) As a curator she researches the ways in which art can be merged with design and technology. (These practices focus on the elaboration of interdisciplinary innovation.)

Irina has long experience of researching and promoting digital culture, as well as teaching user interface and experience design, projection mapping. She is also a founder of CC4AV which is an international platform for creative coding workshops and audio-visual events.

Her main collaborators are galleries, festivals, educational platforms and startups. SPEKTRUM art_science_community, Open Innovation Space, School of Machines, CareerFoundry, Betahaus Berlin, CEC ArtsLink in New York, Spaces gallery in Cleveland (USA), Click festival in Denmark, Pixelache, Aalto Node gallery and Fab Lab in Finland, Media History Conference, Renew festival, centre for new media culture RIXC, sound festival Sound Forest and Popper Publishing in Latvia.
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