Smart Christmas Billboard Mapping


MO:YA Media recently created a Mobile video Mapping using MadMapper as a video mapping solution.

For the promotion of a pre-Christmas edition of maplab a visual laboatory in Graz – austria, MO:YA media created a public open air video installation using a mobile video projection system .




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Import Fixtures from CSV / SVG file tutorials

With MadMapper 2.5  you can now directly import Fixtures from an external file . You can either use a CSV file or SVG file. Two short text tutorials will guide you to the process to create fixtures using external tools like excel or illustrator.

Import Fixtures from CSV file


Import Fixtures from SVG file


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Banquet de Marseille à Rome

December 3—the artist Samuel Bester did a video installation called “Banquet de Marseille à Rome “at the Mediterranean Archeological Museum  in Marseille—France .  This installation used 3x synchronized miniMAD devices.


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Light/House inauguration – Geneva LUX festival


“Light/House” is a MadMapper Driven LED Arrt installation created by the MadMapper Founder Boris Edelstein and Alexandre Burdin in collaboration with the Mapping Festival and produced by GarageCube Hardware.



This Art Installation  will be unveiled on december,2 2016  For the opening of the Geneva Lux festival at  île Jean-Jacques-Rousseau, Geneva, 19pm.
450 meters of  GarageCube Hardware — Scenografix SFX01 LED bar were used to create this stunning LightHouse installation on the top of  the 5 stars Hotel Metropole  .

#genevalux  #genevaluxfestival #garagecube #madmapper #sfxled #sfx01#scenografix

more info about the event on facebook

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United VJs

“I use MadMapper every single gig even if it is just to make sure I get my screen right. It became so essential that I don’t even remember how I did it before.” by Pedro Zaz, UnitedVJs


MadMapper: Tell us about United VJs?
Spetto San: I met Pedro Zaz in Manchester, the UK when he was producing the Showskills festival.  Since then, we had an immediate affinity for art and collaborated on many projects. After touring with Pedro for a while, we decided to found a group with the incredible talented VJs we met around the world. This is how the United VJs were born. We are based on a multidisciplinary, like-minded, international team of digital artist.
Pedro Zaz: Yeah, that sums it up. These past years, we’ve created dozens of projection mapping and fulldome shows. We’ve performed in over 20 countries, designed software for domes ( BLENDY DOOME VJ ) and we even managed to pull together a couple of stadiums shows with hundreds of 20,000 lumens projectors. Maybe not all of the United VJs’ artists know each other face but, for sure, we all know each other’s art looks like.


M: Who and what influence to become an artist?
S: Sex Pistols, Kraftwerk, Ministry, Bauhaus, Jean Michel-Jarre, David Bowie. Dali, Deconstructivism, Peter Eisenman, Carl Cox, Green Velvet. Optical Art, loads of movies, books, comics, and everything else. I grew up with my parents who pushed me into art 24 hours a day. This push was the best school I ever had.
Z: Hardcore music in all forms and shapes always influenced me a lot. Faster bpm for quick visuals! The Virtual Reality Pavilion in Lisbon Expo1998 played a significant role to become a VJ: It was one of the first fulldome theaters in the world with a lot of high-tech and 3D graphics exhibitions. When I moved to Lisbon in the mid 90´s, I met VJ Eyepersonic who was a huge inspiration for me.  Also, back then he introduced me to VJamm when he already had his C++ software for 3D visuals.


M: What do you listen when you are working?
S: Techno or silence. Sometimes, I prefer silence.
Z: I can get so focused, so I don’t care so much about my surrounding sound. The rest of the time as loud as I allowed.

M: How you did came up with United VJs?
S: United VJs is what exactly the name states: almost a secretive group with dozens of artist around the world who aim to create extraordinary experiences with a quick turnaround.
Z: At Showskills in Manchester, we mixed breakcore music, made interactive installations, gave VJ software workshops and of course managed a ton of VJs on the line up. This experience gave a huge creative burst, and we kept meeting amazing talents from all around the world.  They all come from different background or culture, they worked like us, lived like us and created like us. In 2007, together with GaiaNova, we did the Royal Festival Hall Overture in London, on a massive 100 meters façade with 8 x 20,000 lumens projectors. This was when we had the chance to prove our working method with others like-minded artists from all over the world would work. Show after show, and we’ve kept the same ideal:  Let’s  always create breathtaking experiences. This is how the United VJs were born.gaianova-royal-festival-hall-overture-22

M: Why are you using MadMapper?
S: MadMapper is so practical and has such a great performance. It’s the most friendly tool for video mapping. It does exactly what is says it does and is so versatile. This is also due to the participation we, VJs, been having from before it was released. It has our stamp, the VJ stamp.
Z: We were the first lucky artists to witness the birth of MadMapper as Alpha testers in Budapest 2010. Laki Lazlo organized a VJ TORNA and Fançois Wunschel from 1024 Architecture with Boris Edelstein from Team Modul8 called in a handful of artists to try new MadMapper out. Only weeks later, we were already using it every single job we had. We were so inspired by the meeting with other people in this crew that we’ve decided to keep sharing the love and created the VJ University one year later. We taught over 500 students about MadMapper and Modul8 and showed and shared how the United VJs use it in our operations. So yes, we have always believed in its potential and feel thankful to Boris and Franz for creating such tools.

M: What do you like about MadMapper? If you use Modul8, please tell us why too.
S: MadMapper – Its connectivity to any other video software and the way it organizes multiple projectors. The mapping interface is really good.  Modul8 HD – It keeps the top prize for the fastest VJ software from the old wild west. I don’t know any other program that plays media so quickly as this new Modul8 HD. I’m Speechless.
Z: MadMapper: This fantastic user-friendly tool that can suppress the need for expensive hardware gear. I use it every single gig even if it is just to make sure I get my screen right. It became so essential that I don’t even remember how we did it before. Modul8 HD: When Spetto and I met back in Manchester in 2004, I was using Modul8 Version 1.4 (I think) because of my dear friend SoundBringer – who was also doing 360º QT Panoramas at the time – showed it to me. For us, it was spectacular. Finally, computers + software allowed us to scratch video loops truly. With the right codec, you could cut video like butter with top frame rates. This might not sound much today in the world of 4k, but being able to get out there and VJ all night with a single computer was insane. After 12 years, I’m still using it on a daily basis. It feels like home to me.


ENVISIONS – CASTLE MUSEUM, YORK – UK – 15 m – 1 week 6 times a day

UNITED VJS TEAM: VJ Spetto, VJ Zaz, VJ Sorted, Viktor Vicsek , VJ Roger S, Helmut Breineder,  Thomas Mena, Ben Stern, KriKSix, VJ Mecca, VJ Pushkhy, Zero Lati
SOUND DESIGN: United VJs, Ionx
MUSIC BY: Adam Freeland, Does it offend you, yeah?
PROJECTORS: 6 x 20 000 lumens
TOTAL IN LUMENS: 120 000 lumens
SOFTWARE: Modul8, MadMapper

M: Any funny story or any challenging moment in this project?
S: Yes! The author of this video, Lez Briddon secretly filmed us and published the video on Youtube – listen and see what he wrote in the video description. No one has secretly filmed us before! “Remember, Remember the 5th of November!”


ART PIECE COMMISSIONED: Festival Eletronika 2015
PROJECTORS: 3 * 20.000 lumens
TOTAL IN LUMENS: 60.000 lumens


UNITED VJS TEAM: VJ Spetto, VJ Zaz, VJ Erms & VJ Roger S
ART PIECE COMMISSIONED: Festival Visualismo 2015
PROJECTORS: 4 * 21.000 lumens
TOTAL IN LUMENS: 84.000 lumens



UNITED VJS TEAM : VJ Spetto, VJ Zaz, VJ Roger S,  VJ Erms,  VJ Robson Victor,   VJ Ortega, Arthur Boniconte,  Gabriel dos Santos,  VJ Eletroiman,  VJ Any Mello,  Alex Guevara (Peru),  VJMinsk (Polonia), Optika VJ (Colombia), VJ Data7 (Portugal),  Colante
SOUND DESIGN: Phantazma , VJ Zaz
MUSIC BY: “Metropolis” – Kraftwerk, “Skullduggery” – Raptus, “Villain” – Joe Ford, “Dreamster” – Tipper
ART PIECE COMMISSIONED: Virada Cultural São Paulo 2014
PROJECTORS: 12 x 16.000 lumens
TOTAL IN LUMENS: 192.000 lumens
SOFTWARE: Modul8, MadMapper



UNITED VJS TEAM: VJ Spetto, VJ Zaz, VJ Roger S, VJ Erms, Viktor Vicsek, Boris Edelstein
PROJECTORS: Main Stage – 2 x 20.000 lumens // Club Stage – 4 x 10.000 lumens
SOFTWARE: Modul8, MadMapper
CURIOSITIES: MadMapper Beta Version!

M: What is next for you?
S: We never know, life and technology always bring a surprise or something new. I love
VJing for bands, I wanted VJ to David Bowie, but now he’s dead. I am still looking for a new idol to aspire to VJ for.
Z: Pixels got seriously all around us today. The options and endless again. AR, VR, MR! With the world of the 360 format, the possibilities are limitless again…

M: Have you ever use our miniMAD?
S: Yes it is a nice piece of hardware, I’m anxiously waiting for the update to support sync between multiple miniMADs.

M: Any request to MadMapper?
S: MadMapper – support sync between multiple computers via smpte / nvidia sync / network Modul8 – import 3D OBJ and Animated GIF (it will be a must). Support FreeForm 2.0 Any chance to have Windows or iPad version? (Ok, I am kidding)




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NOV Workshop

11/3-5  Audiovisual — VJ Workshop. Tools, VJing & Video Mapping Software
Blogfabrik: Oranienstraße 185, 10999 Berlin, Germany

11/12-13 ‘Narrating Structures ’ Intensive Video mapping Workshop
Apiary Studios:458 Hackney Rd, London E2 9EG, United Kingdom

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OCT Workshop

10/ 18, 20, 25 & 27  Curso Video Mapping y LED
Blackaut: Malaquías Concha 022, Providencia, Santiago, Chile.

10/20-22  Mapping Video
Design Station Wallonia: 78 rue Paradis, 4000 Liège, Belgium

10/22-23  CultureHub LED Mappathon
CultureHub: 7 Great Jones St, New York, New York 10012

10/31-11/3  Initiation au Mapping/ Introduction to Mapping
Pallais Abbatial de Saint-Huber: Place de l’Abbaye, 6870 Saint-Hubert


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BAM Festival workshops


The BAM Festival in Lieges / BE is organising a serie of workshops around the concept of video mapping and LED tinkering.

MadMatt and PierreG, developers of MadMapper will be present and responsible for the mapping workshop. Save the date, 20-22 october 2016, and apply now !

Other workshops:

Enlarge your performance by Fernand Favier

Digiscene by Mike Latona, Seb Schnabel and Boo

BAM 3 from Latona Mike on Vimeo.


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#15 Artist Interview: VJ Vigas

“I like MadMapper. I feel comfortable using it because I’m following the evolution of the software since the first version.” by VJ Vigas.


MadMapper: Tell us about yourself?   
Leandro Mendes aka VJ Vigas: I began my research in audiovisual performances in university in 2003, where I presented a live performance mixing images with music. In 2012, I won the international VJs tournament Videozone. In 2013, I won the 1st place of the three editions of the competition VJ TORNA International, held in Mexico City (Mexico), Rome (Italy) and Cape Town (South Africa). I was repeating the feat in May 2014 in the city of Istanbul in Turkey.

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#14 Artist Interview: Limbic Cinema

“Having an affordable software solution that works well without expensive unique hardware is key for us.” by Limbic Cinema.

MadMapper: Tell us about yourself?
Limbic Cinema: Limbic Cinema is a co-operative of artists based in Bristol formed in 2012 by the members, Alex Wright, Tom Newell, Thomas E Pryce and Thomas Buttery.

We met as VJ’s on the club and festival circuits around the UK and decided we should team up. Despite the inconsistent wages and sticky floors, club nights always provided us the creative freedom to experiment and take risks. Over the course of four years, we’ve built strong relationships with festivals and events that we share a similar ethos and creative visions with; we’re particularly fond of Glastonbury Festival, Shambala, Freerotation, Alfresco Disco and Greenman Festival where we’ve exhibited numerous installations and in 2015 projection.

Beyond the music scene, we’re focusing more on the realms of theatre, large-scale building mapping, and Art Installations. For example, making contributions to The Stick House, and bringing the Wren Library in Cambridge to life with narrative driven visuals were both hugely fulfilling projects.

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