Sending multiple videos from Modul8 to MadMapper

In this tutorial we’ll use Modul8 to input multiple video sources into MadMapper.

Here’s what we’re after: 3 different videos mapped all over some cubes:

We’ll need Modul8 2.6.2 or better to do this tutorial.
Launch Modul8 and import 3 different clips.
To simplify this tutorial all of my media are 320 x 240 pixels (4 by 3 ratio).

Go to /Preferences/Preview Panel
and set the preview ratio to 12 by 3 (which is 3 times 4 by 3).

Assign your first clip to the first layer. Enable “Normalize,” so that you won’t have to mess with the scaling, Modul8 will adapt it for you!

Make two more layers, and repeat the same procedure. Place all the layers in a row:

Go to the preferences again, under the Misc tab, and set the Syphon output to 960 by 240 (which is 3 times 320 by 240):

Using Modul8’s post colorization controls lets add some color to help distinguish between the quads:

Now send Modul8’s output to MadMapper by enabling the Syphon output (Command-Y) and then
Launch MadMapper.

In the Media tab, double click “Modul8 Main View”, which should be listed under the Syphon section.
Modul8 output will automatically appear in MadMapper’s Input view.

Since my Modul8 composition is very horizontal, I’ve switched the viewing orientation by click the switch icon (Command-Shift-O):

Now load a background picture to test the mapping setup. Go to Menu/View/Change Preview Background and load a suitable picture:

Go to the Surface Tab, and make a Quad primitive. Adjust the portion of input to be displayed on the quad in the Input View, and adjust the Quad positioning and perspective in the Output Preview:

Repeat the operation for the 2 other sides of the cube, each time selecting a different portion of the Input Media:

You now have a different footage on each side of the cube.

The procedure can be repeated for a more complex setup, while tweaking the flipping option of each quad, to give a more complex look: