MadMapper 2.5 tutorials:


Import Fixtures from CSV file


Import Fixtures from SVG file

importSVGFixture_tutoMadMapper 2.0 tutorials:

Download MadMapper 2.0 Tutorials in PDF

– 2.5 video Mapping
– Advanced 3d Mapping
– DMX Expressions
– DMX Moving Light
– Logo Animation using SVG file
– PhotoGraph Extraction

MadMapper  1.7 tutorials

Basic tutorials :

Basic Introduction

Import a media, create your first quad, transform it and select a region of the media to be displayed with in it.

Grid Warping

Access the madness of Grid Warping in MadMapper.


Connecting MadMapper to other softwares:

Connecting Modul8 to MadMapper

Basic introduction for connecting Modul8 to MadMapper.

Connecting VDMX to MadMapper

A basic introduction for connecting VDMX to MadMapper.

Connecting QuartzComposer to MadMapper

Installing the Syphon plug-in for QuartzComposer and connecting it to MadMapper.

Connecting Resolume Avenue 3 to MadMapper

Get your live audio visual Avenue 3 action connected to MadMapper with some Triangles perhaps?

Connecting MaxMSP/Jitter to MadMapper

Create a Jitter patch so so you can get your Max/Msp/Jitter madness mapped.

Connecting Isadora to MadMapper

How to get Isadora to send its output to MadMapper, courtesy of Matthew Haber.

Connecting MixEmergency to MadMapper

A very quick tutorial that will get you MadMapping when using MixEmergency.

Connecting CoGe to MadMapper

Provided by the developer of CoGe, Tamas Nagy, learn how to easily connect CoGe to MadMapper in a matter of seconds.


Advanced tutorials:

After Effects + MadMapper

How to map a building using After Effects and MadMapper. Learn the basic workflow and how to use the mask feature in MadMapper.

Mapping with multiple media using Modul8

This tutorial will help you understand the relationship between multiple media in Modul8 and mapping these multiple media to surfaces in MadMapper.

Spacial Scanner Tutorial

Frz scans a lawn gnome in order to provide some insight into this mysterious and exciting function included with MadMapper.

MadMApper DMX channels list

Dive in MadMApper DMX mode, and browse through all the available parameters.

LED setup and control with MadLight

Create a custom LED setup and installation in order to take advantage of the MADlight functionality in MadMapper.

Live->QC->MadMapper tutorial

So you’ve always wanted to know how to video and sync to music in 2 clicks. Here’s the tutorial!

Run MadMapper Project at system startup

2 ways to run a MadMapper project at System startup for your Installations.

Soft-Edge Calibration with 3 video projector

Create a seamless surface with 3 beamers

Essential :

how to De-Authorize / Authorize MadMapper from GarageCUBE on Vimeo.